Sorry Honey I’ve Gotta Work Late! – Day #3

This is day #3 of the 3 day series (Tuesday, Sept 10th, Tuesday, Sept 17th and Tuesday, Sept 24th) Start Time is 6:00 pm!

Cross course will be approximately one mile in length.  The race will be multiple laps totaling about 45 minutes.  You can race your mountain bike or cross bike in this event.

Race organizers will determine numbers of laps based on average time per lap of leaders.  Goal will be to have the winner finish in just over 45 minutes.  Once laps times are established there will be a digital lap counter.  This will follow the lead riders.  Historically, the winner completes 11 to 12 laps in the 45 minute window.

If you are lapped you can continue to race (unlike some cross races).  Once the leader finishes all laps required, remaining riders will be finished once their current lap is completed.  The event will be scored by number of laps completed, then time.

Awards are issued to the top 3 men and women of the series.

To protect/secure our use of the park, we will postpone or cancel a race in the event of rain or wet conditions.  Don’t let this prevent you from registering early. Series Entry (best pricing).

Donations will go to the local trail working groups (RVA MORE) earmarked to maintain the trails at Forest Hill Park.  Please donate a few bucks during registration.


Sep 24, 2024


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Run Ride Race
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