Virginia is fortunate to have five (5) BMX tracks located in Dinwiddie, Hampton, RichmondWinchester, and Woodbridge.  Check the link for event schedules, lessons and practice times.

A smart idea for any BMX rider is to take advantage of the many BMX clinics and camps that are available – check the track links for dates and times.  In addition, to the camps and programs at the local tracks, there are teams and pros that travel from track to track, teaching riders everything they need to know in order to get better at BMX racing.

There are several BMX sanctioning bodies around the world, but the sanctioning body for the United States of America is USA BMX.  USA BMX is the largest in the world with an estimated 60,000 members and over 300 affiliated tracks in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.  USA BMX keeps points on each rider’s performance throughout the year.  It also undertakes the production of a national racing series which typically runs from January 1st through December 15th.  USA BMX also determines the rules of competition, such as clothing requirements, age and gender divisions (or “classes”).  There are 4 criteria to determine a racer’s classification for competition—age, gender, proficiency and wheel size.  BMX age ranges start at under 5 to 50.  There are two bike categories, based on wheel size/diameter—20” wheel BMX bikes called class bikes, and 24” wheel BMX bikes called cruiser bikes.

To participate in a race event will require the purchase of a membership, which can be for one day, 30 days or an annual membership (see the website for details and limitations of memberships).