Support Cycling Virginia: A Labor of Love for the Cycling Community

Dear Cycling Community,

I’m Daniel (Dan) Girouard, the heart and gears behind Cycling Virginia (CVA). Since January 1, 2019, I’ve poured my experience, passion, and considerable personal resources into making the Cycling Virginia website a go-to hub for everything cycling-related in Virginia. Why? Because I deeply believe in:

🚴🏼 The positive impact cycling events and tourism has on our local businesses and communities.

🎗  Championing nonprofit causes by creating awareness and raising funds through cycling activities.

🎉 Empowering event promoters to continue offering amazing cycling experiences for all of us.

👫 Building a vibrant community by connecting cyclists with clubs and organizations that offer social support and resources.

🗺 Equipping you with the tools to plan the cycling adventure of your dreams, whether you’re a beginner or a pro.

🍏 Advocating for cycling not just as sport but also a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

How Your Support Makes a Difference

As you can imagine, maintaining this website requires time, dedication, and financial investment. Your donation will go directly towards:

🔧 Regular updates and improvements to the website for a better user experience.

📚 Creating valuable new cycling content, guides, and features you won’t find consolidated anywhere else.

📣 Creating awareness and promoting cycling resources and events that matter to you.

Be a Part of Something Bigger

We’re on this ride together, and your support will help CVA continue to serve you and the cycling community at large. Please consider donating today—every contribution, no matter how small, makes an impact.

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Thank you for your support and being a valued part of the Cycling Community.

Dan Girouard