Shiver Me Timbers CX

This is the first annual SHIVER ME TIMBERS cyclocross race at Richmond’s Truetimber Arborists HQ presented by Haute-Timber-Cat worldwide enterprises!

Online Registration Deadline: Friday, Oct 27, 2023 at 12:00 NOON $25.  Day-of registration opens at 5pm on site, and costs $30.

Fresh Meat category, or beginners, start at 5:30pm and will race for 30 minutes. New to cyclocross? This is the category for you. It is HIGHLY LIKELY that you may want a light, for this race, as sections in the woods will be dark.

Wide Open follows at 6:00pm, with racers competing for 45 minutes. Bring a headlight, you will want to be able to see as the sun sets…the woods are dark and definitely haunted! Lights are a necessity here, no light no race.

Track or Treatlocross – you guessed it! No gears no masters. This is for the fixie gang, track bike zaddies, skid masters, and general baddies that ride offroad fixed. Lights are mandatory here, no light no race.

Stick around post race and warm up by a bonfire, doors close at 9:30pm.


Oct 27, 2023


All Day

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Truetimber Backyard
4050 Transport Place, Richmond, VA


True Timber Arborists
True Timber Arborists
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