TAKEAIM Cycling Shuttle Tour Days – Backcountry Trails or Private Shuttle Service

TAKEAIM Cycling will shuttle you to three amazing back country downhill trails in the Shenandoah Valley – Sugar Run (Death Star) / Slate Springs (Red Diamond) / Wolf Ridge / Reddish Knob. Book the shuttle with your friends on tour days or schedule a private shuttle.

2024 Tour Days РSaturdays 

March 23 / April 20 / May 11/ June 15 / July 13 / August 17 / September 21 / October 12

This ride is NOT for beginners or those with low intermediate skills, these are backcountry trails. You absolutely MUST know how to fix a flat and manage other common mechanical issues in the backcountry, and you MUST carry supplies to do so. If you don’t know how to manage flats and mechanicals, ride with a buddy who has those skills. Be prepared for fast sections, sometimes loose, rocky descents, backcountry singletrack with wider dual track or fire road, small sections of steep climbing interspersed with big downhills. Expect the equivalent of a single or double black diamond trails.



Mar 23, 2024 - Oct 12, 2024


All Day

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TakeAim Cycling
TakeAim Cycling
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