Southern Traverse Mountain Bike Adventure Weekend

The Southern Traverse in Augusta County, VA is a true backcountry excursion; in fact, it is designated by the International Mountain Bike Association as an IMBA EPIC.

The Southern Traverse: 36 miles long, with about half of it awesome singletrack.  This is certainly not an easy ride, with around 3,600 feet of elevation gain, so a fair amount of climbing is involved.  As far as technical difficulty, there are not a lot of rocks or roots, only 3 real rock gardens, but there is a lot of very narrow singletrack along steep hillsides (no cliffs).  However, it is not a ride for beginner mountain bikers.  You should have intermediate to advanced skill and stamina.  This ride is not a race, so they will be taking breaks from time to time to ensure groups are together. If their are enough participants, they will be split into multiple groups.  Details on the loop can be found on MTB Project.

Hankey-Dowell Loop: 26 miles long, 2500 feet of elevation gain.  A road and gravel ride out to Hankey Mountain, then a long climb.  But followed by one of the sweetest descents around!  Again, not a beginner’s ride, but an awesome one!  You can see the loop on Map My Ride: Hankey-Dowell

Saturday’s Ride: Meet at parking lot on FS 173 (Benson Run Road) at 9:30am
Expected ride time is 5-6 hours.

Sunday’s Ride: Meet at parking lot at Braley Pond (off Braley Pond Road) at 10:00 am.

Directions and registration are on the website!


Oct 19, 2019 - Oct 20, 2019


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