RVA Underground Race #1 – MARCH MUDMESS

It’s MARCH MUDMESS at Montvale Park! This is a great race to kickoff the spring season!

Beginners do 1 lap (7 miles), Sport 2 laps (14 miles), and Experts 3 laps (18 Miles). You cross the creek 2X, once at the beggining and once at the end. There will be timing mats across the creek so if you are doing mulitiple laps you will stay on that side until you head back to the finish. This event will be professionally timed by Mountain Junkies LLC and is the day after their Montvale 5/10 miler so the trails are gonna be prime!

Cash/Card prizes for the experts and medals/prizes for the beginner/sport classes. Bring the whole family!

Beginner Course

Sport Course

Expert Course


Mar 09, 2024


All Day

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Montvale Park
Montvale Park
Marketplace Drive, Montvale, VA


Bedford County Parks & Rec
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