Gravelachia 2022: You’re Not In Kansas Anymore

Gravelachia is one of the most beautiful yet demanding gravel courses around.  Beginning in the charming mountain town of Norton, VA, these courses will take you up the Category 2 climb High Knob Mountain and into the Jefferson National Forest.  From here the long course drops down gravel forest roads before ascending Maple Gap, another Cat 2 climb.  A long descent to the back side of High Knob through some technical and challenging sections leads to the base of the mountain once again.  From here the biggest climb of the day climbs the back side of High Knob, a Cat 1 gravel segment.  At the summit the short and long routes connect and begin to traverse the mountain east past stunning views across secluded forest roads.  The courses split again as the long route drops back down the mountain to continue east in the valley before taking scenic climb of Hanging Rock road, another Cat 2 climb, back towards Little Stoney Falls and another long drag back onto the top of the mountain.  The courses connect again north of Bark Camp Lake to traverse back west across the mountain before the long decent back into the City of Norton and a delicious meal at the Sugar Hill Cidery.  The whole course is about 70% gravel.

Gravelachia Committed – (Strava 87 miles)

Gravelachia Curious – (Strava  34 miles)


Jul 16, 2022


All Day


Sugar Hill Cidery
Sugar Hill Cidery
815 Park Ave NW, Norton, VA, USA


Wes & Brad
Wes & Brad
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