Big Schloss Epic

This showcases the Big Schloss area backcountry trails in a 35 mile ride. There are 13 and 24 mile ride options – visit the Facebook page for information. The 35 mile route will pass 3 good overlooks, and three springs at 7, 17 and 27 miles and a couple streams for refilling water. 20 miles single track, 7 miles double, 7 miles gravel and 1.5 miles pavement and 4 really great downhills. The will start will be at the Van Buren Furnace area (see pin) which is secluded with good parking and a good place to hangout afterwards + loads of free camping!

This is a self supported back country ride on difficult hiking trails that get little use, so expect some overgrown trails, etc. Bring plenty of food, water, tools, etc, since there will not be any places to resupply (stores, etc) unless you stash supplies along the gravel/pavement between Little Schloss and Wolf Gap. Even though there are springs along the ride, assume that some may be dry (I’ve seen the one on little stoney run dry), so you may want to bring a filter if you have one.


Aug 15, 2020


8:00 am - 6:00 pm


Van Buren Furnace area


Virginia Endurance Series
Virginia Endurance Series
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